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Texas and the Artichoke

Pattern Design Fashion + Home Ware

In 2016 I founded Texas and the Artichoke,

a brand of high quality silk scarves, soft furnishings and accessories based in London.
In the constant search of a "blank canvas" to tell a story,

I mix the highest quality materials with a good amount of kitsch, eccentricity and poetry so you can stay one step ahead of the crowd.
Crafted from the finest Italian silk, the British skilled artisans and the strongest Swedish birch veneer, the designs are quirky, bold and have that unmistakable contemporary twist that will last a generation.

I'm in charge of the design, art direction, branding, website, promotion and production: the whole process from designing the textiles to dealing with suppliers and buyers.

The brand has been featured in British Vogue and Elle Decoration among other publications; and it sells in shops in the US, UK (Anthropologie) and rest of Europe.

Texas and the Artichoke

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